Industrial & Plant Instrumentation Training

An Automated system without instrumentation is more like a human without his/her sense organs. As a living organism, we know how important it is to have our senses working properly and give us feedback about various parameters that we can rely on. Just like we say that we can listen, touch, taste, smell, and view things with which we run the combination of these in our brain to respond accordingly in situations. Similarly in an Automated industry, it is understood that we have to program various tool like the PLC (brain), SCADA/HMI (which help in monitoring), VFD (which help in carrying out a direct process), etc. but for them to respond based on the situation they need to get precise feedback from the field to which they will respond based on the program fed into them. The science of automated control and measurement is Instrumentation and it includes a complete study of all these instruments in various verticals with a variety of sensors, transmitters, receivers, etc. and further calibrating them, updating them and developing them as per the forever evolving technology and standards.

Minimum Eligibility

  • B.Tech, B.E, Diploma, ITI, M.Tech, M.E

  • No previous experience required

Top Skills you will Learn

  • Designing Plant using P&ID

  • Calibration of various Instruments | HART | Foundation Fieldbus etc.

Instrumentation QA QC Training

To maintain quality is very important considering any service provided or installation made. It is mainly classified into Quality Control and Quality Assurance. Quality Control is meant to be done at the production or installation, to make sure that the service provided is of great quality. While Quality Assurance in done after the service, to make sure that the system is working perfectly as per required. Instrumentation QA/QC is all about Quality measures to be taken as an Instrumentation Engineer. SMEClabs has brought together the best Instrumentation QA/QC training to develop skills that are mandatory.

Minimum Eligibility

  • Basic Qualification to join in the Course is +2

  • Most suitable candidates are the ones who completed Mechanical /Civil / EEE / E & I Engineering (Diploma/B Tech / BE)


  • International certification in QA/QC Electrical and Instrumentation

  • You will become a certified QA/QC PROFESSIONAL